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Today One Pound Publishers bring a Thoughtful Thursday to you!

Today's piece is devoted to the important 'choices' that we come across and need to make in life. Those choices that bring in amazing changes in our lives, maybe not by achievements but rather with lessons and our flexibility to accept new perspectives.


Omnium Gatherum’ means a collection of miscellaneous people or things; connecting this meaning to the human uniqueness, this word can portray great depth to the dynasty of intellect and lives of us humans.

J.K Rowling quoted :

"It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

Isn't it true? Don't you think our choices indeed are responsible to portray our true character? Well, I believe they are because, even if we were comprised of superpowers, it would’ve only been our choices that would’ve made us the ‘superheroes’ or the ‘super villains’ of this world.

Now let's bring up the ‘multiverse theory'. Don't you think, that even if we all don't have much knowledge about it, yet each one of us has anyway looked upon it and gathered our own facts, so as to conclude whether we want to believe in it or not? Right?

Well, this is the difference in our choices, that could turn out to be a game-changer in our lives. For eg- deciding to have faith in even a small part of this theory could make us explorers, as we would then willingly exceed our limits of knowledge and everything, just to understand more of a reality that may exist but has left no trace of it yet.

The same goes with the ‘alien encounters’, those who believe in them could be like scientists, who explore and find evidence to go after their belief, whereas those who repudiate aren’t just ambiguous enough, due to the lack of proofs.

Everything in this world is for a reason, be it the struggles, happiness, confinement, traumas, or any other situations that people may go through; As these obstacles just give us a chance to make a decision by making which we can either choose to gain wisdom or agony. It’s totally our choice to either learn a lesson or despise everything after some unfortunate experience. We all keep facing such kind of choices every now and then, it could be when we're perplexed to choose between taking the road less traveled by or becoming a part of some tempting rat race. But whatever it may be, remember, whatever we choose, it makes us, our own self. No matter who we are, of what nationality we belong to, or of what gender we hold. It makes us, us; and I believe our life's motto is probably just to find our true selves.

A very example to make this undeniable can be taken of ‘Stephen Hawking’. In spite of having ALS, a neurodegenerative disease, his choice of using his ability of intelligence wisely, made him who he is and a true star for the nation. He couldn’t have possibly been a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and an author only with his abilities, there was also the power of choice working hand in hand with his abilities, which made him, what he is today. He believed that “Legacy is a choice, not a coincidence.” and even embodied this idea by choosing legacy in its highest form.

Choices can be of all types, and it is only up to us, to make ourselves worthy of what we profoundly desire. It is up to us to become what we think we are from within.

"For no ability or disability of us, could stop us from being what we naturally are. As we are the only ones capable enough, to stop ourselves.

~Anannya Rene Dass

Hope you like it guys!

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