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Let's Throw Some Light Upon - CRM


Struggling with business? Or simply want to learn how to overcome such struggles?

We've got the perfect solution!!!😉🎉

Today One Pound Publishers will shed some light on 'CRM' for you.

CRM stands for 'Customer Relationship Management.'

Let's get started!

What is CRM? (Customer Relationship Management)

Basically, CRM is a strategy for improving an organization's relationship with its existing customers and potential leads.

But initially, it was designed as a tool to improve customer service, whereas now, it's related to the entire strategy of a business.

Why CRM?

Because it helps the organization to analyze it's sales and management data, and also provides it with appropriate solutions to solve some of its pressing issues.

Also, plays a vital role in retaining your customers.

There are 5 types of CRM:

  • Operational -

This type helps you manage your business via customer-based data.

Helps you in - Marketing automation, Sales automation, Service automation.etc.

Eg- Salesforce, and Hubspot.etc

  • Analytical -

This type helps you visualize your data and analyze your customer insights, interactions, and possibilities.

Helps you in - gathering customer preferences, interests, points of contact .etc.

Eg- Zoho, and Salesforce.etc

  • Collaboration -

This type helps you decide the way you should interact with your collaborators (vendors, distributors.etc) based on the customer data you provide.

This emphasizes on customer service.

Eg- Copper and Pipeforce.etc

  • Campaign Management -

This is a combination of both Operational and Ananlytical CRMs, which helps you run campaigns and sales on the basis of your customer data.

Helps you use tools to run a campaign.

Eg- ActiveCampaign.etc

  • Strategic -

This type uses its brain by laying forward some vital information regarding your customers, with reference to which you can make better decisions for your business.

In the long run, it gives you insights and customizes the way you interact with customers.

The first three types are the most popular CRMs used worldwide.

Some Benefits of CRM👇

  • Leads to Better Data Organisation

  • Gives a Clear Operational Strategy

  • Enhances Customer Communication

  • Integrates Information from various platforms

  • Catches all Leads

  • Cuts Cost

  • Uncomplicates Sales

  • Increases Automation

  • Makes Team Work Effortless.etc.

Problems that CRM solves!

As you can see, CRM eases the difficulties people face during Businesses.

It also solves the most common problems such as:

- not being able to keep data on the track.

- Have no ideas whether the money you invest is working or no.

- Are confused about where and how your leads are disappearing.

- wasting of time, unknowingly.

- Missing appointments due to workload.

- Searching for important emails cause they're scattered.

- Are clueless about your business growth.

- Repetition of procedures with customers again and again.etc.

Looks worthwhile? Go on try out CRMs for your businesses be it B2B, B2C, or any small company for that matter. Find you 'Ideal CRM'

It helps!!

See you next time for more such content!

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