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Digital Marketing Made Easy

Hello Learners!

Let's get you acquainted with Digital Marketing today!

What's Digital Marketing?

In simple words, it's a kind of marketing which is done with the use of the internet.


The use of the internet, social media, search engines, mobiles, or any other channels from which one can marketize its products and reach out to potential consumers is called digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Because this era is all about technology and constantly advances towards more and more interdependency between humans and tech.

But, moreover, digital marketing becomes a perfect partner for marketing as:

👉 It helps to reach the right audience.

👉 It makes it easier to engage with the target audience.

👉 It motivates the audience to take the necessary action.

👉 It is time and effort saving.

👉 It's pretty flexible.

👉 It's much more impactful than traditional marketing methods.

👉 It allows instant feedback as per convenience.

👉 It's quite economical.

👉 It also records and analyses data based on lead generation, content performance.etc. In short, helps to strategize with valuable data and analysis.

👉 Helps to gain higher revenues.

Some Types Of Digital Marketing

✴ Branding ✴ Email Marketing

✴ Social Media ✴ App Development

✴ Web Designing ✴ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

✴ Content Marketing ✴ SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

More About SEO

(one of the most vital parts of Digital Marketing)

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization'

It involves using methods which increase traffic on your website by increasing its rank on the search engine (Google, Firefox, Safari.etc)

To Improve SEO one must,

  • Keep their website rich in relevant keywords.

Relevant keywords are those keywords that are often used by your target audience in search of queries or things that might be relevant to them. If your website has all those keywords, then it's likely that it'll be one of the search results coming up on your audience's screens. Want to know how to find these keywords? (tune in for more blogs like this😉)

  • Organize the matter of the website with subheadings, bullet points, bold and italic characters, emojis.etc.

  • Use other strategies like:

(i) SMO (Social Media Optimization)

It includes the creation of such content that is likely to be shared through different social networks.

(ii) PPC (Pay Per Click)

It is an online advertising model, which gives its users a great chance to get rapid results. In this, you advertise your website/product/service vastly over search engines or social media but, only pay for the number of clicks that were made by people to your site.

This is one of the fastest ways to get on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

(iii) SMM (Social Media Marketing)

(iv) Content Writing.etc.

Well, that's all for today you all! Stick on to learn more😉

Hope you learned and gained some insights into this vast topic.

See you next time!👋

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