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Education VS Academics

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Today One Pound Publishers presents to you 'Education Vs Academics'

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Now getting back to today's topic!

What do you think is the difference between education and academics?

Which do you think is the worthy credit holder for building up our lives more?

Are you satisfied with the fairness of what you learn at school in the name of Education?

Is it really something that you make most out of after growing up?

Well come over and have a look over what I think, I’m sure many of you would relate.

Even if you don't, feel free to comment and let us know what do you think about this!!

The Educational Enlightenment

Once Aristotle, one of the greatest Greek philosopher and scientist quoted,

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.”

His words not only share a deeper meaning of education but also, portray bits of life and reality. Holding onto a similar perspective let's think!

Every one amongst us was or is a part of one of these three groups mentioned below, from our school life,

  • The Intelligents - that had all the toppers and potential-topper students.

  • The Average - that had those people who were "Jack of all trades, yet master of none." OR

  • The Study Haters - they could be the backbenchers or anyone who despised studying like anything.

Isn't it? And somewhere from being competitive to come first to realizing our interests and passions, we all grew up. As we observed slowly, that when we left the academics aside, each one of us was found unique, persistent, and invincible for the things we admired and were good at; those things also included life skills, and by this, I mean that each and every person, has a different opinion which makes it the perfect judge for living its life, and decide betwixt the choices that it needs to make, for a living.

When it comes to the subject of ‘life’, we often think that to live a successful and prosperous life, one needs to be 'educated'; and that 'education' for most is unintentionally considered ‘academics’, i.e. the things one learns at school, the degrees they earn and the materialistic possessions that they think would get them a good life. Don't you think so too? Well, even I did, for technically we all are nurtured with the same stereotypical mentality that revolves in today's world. But you see, in reality, education is somehow, the opposite of academics. There’s a huge difference between the two. Education is more about analyzing a variety of ways and then deciding what suits you the best to live a satisfying life. Whereas, Academics is more about trying to grow under a system that is the same for everyone and doesn’t value one’s unique talents.

To live a good life, none of us needs to please others compulsorily, for a good reputation. To live a good life simply means living a life of escapades rich in wisdom, and not get tired of trying to become someone you aren’t. To live a life, your true journey only begins when you no longer need rules to follow, to decide each step in your life. When you no longer restrict yourself from following what your heart says. As you are free to follow your necessities by pursuing your own idealogy for skills and methodologies that you might need.

Education is this study of life skills and lessons that we learn by experimenting and experiencing different things, that the school was never able to give us a chance for. For they were always limited to the bookish knowledge and curriculums; which made children get deprived of such a great chance to learn the worldly knowledge and then go after learning what interests them so that they could contribute to this world in a way we couldn't probably think of.

A very example of education can be driven out from a poem by D.H. Lawrence, titled ‘Snake’. The narrator there faces a dilemma when he comes across a snake, for in his heart he's mesmerized by the snake’s rich presence and incredible persona; but in his mind, he is reminded of the stereotypical-faculty advice of “killing a dangerous being even if it’s innocent and does you no harm, for it's dangerous and dying is what it deserves for killing it would make you brave.” Similarly, in life we become the people we choose to be, by proceeding with our own perception wisely, which is possible only in a presence of mind, which is filled with knowledge, reasoning.etc. that our schools never really taught us as a part of education.

To me, the purest form of education is what we get from ourselves, by our experiences, our instincts, our beliefs, and all the things that we have learned naturally. As the very importance of education does not come to us from scholarly cliché. This is exactly why education about life is something that needs to be taught about, for it is something which remains as lessons, we learn after trying something we never did; and those can be both good and bad things, leading us to become the people we are today.

Thanks to the New Education Policy, now students probably won't be confined so bitterly like they used to be earlier and can actually choose what they want to study. Hopefully, it'll work wonders! But anyway, I guess we all can now see that the veracious credit holder for our life is Education. So, let's be grateful for it!

~Anannya Rene Dass

Hope y'all liked it 🥺🥺

Feel free to comment your views below if this is something you totally agreed to!

See you next time!!😉

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