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How to get more engagement over Social Media?


Welcome y'all, it's great to have you back

Today we present one of the most awaited topics', just for you!

Let me brief you about, what all will come knocking down your doors today.

So are you ready?

Bang On!!

Here's what today holds for you:

👉 How to get more engagement on Instagram and Linkedin.

👉 Some hacks/tips for the same.

👉 Pep talks in between to clear your doubts.

(P.S- the above shall be covered in no mentioned sequence. But I assure, you'd be having all your queries cleared by the end of this blog!! So, do stay and jumpstart your engagement😉)

Now now, let me ask you "Do you ever feel, that the quality/worth/style of your content is much better than that of some pages, yet their popularity and reach is way more than yours?"

Well of course you must've felt this at least once in your life because no success is made up of "all ups and no downs." Isn't it?

But, let me tell you,

No content is Good or Bad, it's only Effective and Not-Effective.

Makes sense?

You see, the very reason those pages had more reach and popularity than you is because they did the smart work, and that smart work gave them results by making their content effective.

Wanna know how can you do the smart work?

Here, let's begin!

But before beginning, here's something you need to understand:

- Remember, the things I'm gonna tell, don't work like magic (i.e. grant you success after pulling out some all-nighter, it takes time and most importantly your belief in your passion.)

- The Algorithms of these social-media platforms keep changing, and so you need to stay updated with the most feasible timing of your TA (Target Audience).

- Lastly, I cannot guarantee this would work for you, but as it has worked out for many people, I figured there's no harm in trying!


It's only strange to hear that someone isn't on Instagram yet, isn't it?

Well, it's only because Instagram has topped being the most popular social media platform this year! Which tells that almost everyone is there on it.

Now you might ask, "With such a big audience, to elevate my reach, damn... It's definitely not a piece of cake, right?"

The answer is 'NO', let's learn how to use this to our advantage!

Here are some tips you can use to make it your cup of tea! 😉👇

(These tips will only work if your account is open. So don't keep it private if you want these to work!)

🎯 Create resonating content, which is likely to be shared by your TA (Target Audience)

If you create content that your TA will like or relate to, then it becomes sharable and increases your reach. Wanna know who's your TA? Decide your niche with clarity and answers shall come flooding to you with a little guidance.

🎯 Use precise hashtags (between the range 80,000 - 500,000) on your posts, and reply to the comments over your post after 15-20 minutes of posting it.

Doing this will give your posts a range of engagements from active users before their reach dies.

🎯 Engage for about 10-15 minutes before posting something, and post consistently

Engaging (like, comment, share, save) with pages that are related to your niche and then posting, not only makes connections but also helps you gain visibility in front of those pages which you just engaged with and brings your post up in their feeds.

🎯 Optimize your Instagram

Optimizing Instagram just means, portraying a clear image of you to your audience. It can be done by writing keywords related to your niche on your bio and using story highlights to highlight some of the things that your audience might want to know.etc. (You can learn more about this from the net.)

🎯 Follow the followers of the ones you find ideal!

This just means that you must be following many accounts related to your niche which are the perfect role models of how you wish your page to grow. If you engage with such pages regularly and follow some of those pages' active followers, then it's likely that your profile is going to get many visits and follow-ups.

🎯 Put up a 1-line summary, on all stories you post (videos)

This is because, at times people don't generally have their story volume up, but when they read the caption and are captivated by it, they're likely to like it and give you a follow-up. This tip exists only because loads of Instagram users see more stories than posts.

🎯 Give into the Trend!

Trust me, stereotypes and trends help you gain a lot of popularity over social media. Videos and Reels are very trendy right now on Instagram, and uploading them would boost your audience like anything. Giving in the trends, make your followers and other audience, willing to stay tuned and know more from you!

🎯 Click Bait and Tag

Now think about something that your followers want to know, give them a small gist of that juicy stuff, and give them instructions to get the complete piece. You can also, work wonders when you feature your page through your personal account at times and get great engagements due to your family and friends, that love your content. Lastly, remember whenever you share someone else's post on your story, do tag them, as there are many chances that they may feature you for the same.

Currently, the best timing to post over Instagram is 11 am -1 pm or 5 pm - 6 pm, but as you know it keeps changing so let Google guide you for this as and when something's changed.

And that was it for Instagram, hope it helps!!😁

(p.s- there can be many more tips/hacks for Instagram and you can find them online, but here are mentioned some good result-oriented tips, which have made a difference)


You either know LinkedIn or you don't, there's nothing in between!

This is one of the finest platforms which has awesome 'Organic Reach' as of now.

It gives great opportunities to every one who marks their presence on it!

But unlike Instagram, the content appreciated on LinkedIn is much simpler and text-based.

The thing with LinkedIn is that you may not receive a good number of likes on your posts, but you can still get a great amount of reach and views, which are more than enough for people to follow you.

Let's give you some tips now, which can jumpstart your career through LinkedIn!😄👇

💥 Optimize your LinkedIn

without optimization, you're no less than a nobody here. Optimizing it lets you appear in searches and grants you many followers which could even turn out to be your future clients.

After LinkedIn Optimization your profile will give out a clear-cut image of what you do, what you are, and what you offer. It's no less than a resume but is more influencing. Your Profile Picture, Banner, and the About Section are the main keys that can open aspiring possibilities.

💥 Engage, Engage and Engage

No Engagements? Your reach is dead! Getting noticed in LinkedIn is very easy, but for that to happen, engagements are a must. Keep commenting (relevant and precise comments), liking posts, following more amazing people, and interacting with people personally to show them your genuineness and make them want to connect to you.

💥 Post Consistently

If you maintain your streak to post consistently, people will more likely notice you and stay active supporters.

💥 Use Generic Hashtags

You don't need specific hashtags for any of your posts on Linkedin. It revolves around very generic hashtags and using the most common ones is the key.

The best time to post over LinkedIn is 11 am -1 pm.

And that's all! As you can see, LinkedIn doesn't need much to be done except optimization and engaging. So, if you can manage to rock your style through it, you're impossible to stop! Good Luck🤞

How're you holding up guys??

There must be so much to try on right?

But before, I bid you goodbye, let me give you a bonus tip for FACEBOOK

As you may have noticed, I didn't speak about FB here, and the reason for that is, It no longer has that reach or craze that it used to have. But, keep your hopes up y'all😉

The best about FB now, that can be taken advantage of, is its advertising and stories.

They have great reach and help promote not only businesses but also pages that may be on Instagram or any other platforms.

With this, goodbye and have a great day!!

Stay Tuned😊🙌

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