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Kindness - A blessing for life!

Hey Guys!!

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Today's Blog is Different, for it's based on one of my personal experiences. But, the message I want to convey is very simple.

Hope you like it 🤞

Also, this may give you a gist of storytelling! Which can help you connect better with your writing-audience😉

Kindness ∝ Blessing

I choose to believe that kindness brings the gift of hope to others. No matter, what situation they may be in, fostering a little hope, would always make them feel a bit better; And it can be so for both humans and animals. Even a small act of kindness can bring sunshine to the lives of those who haven’t felt its warmth. Helping others is just a way of helping ourselves, to succeed in living better than we used to, all because of that happiness which enchants our souls and uplifts the lives of others. Spreading kindness is just like a drop of water, little, yet a blessing to everything it falls upon, like the grass, flowers, bushes, trees, etc.

This reminds me of all the times when I’ve tried helping little souls, and probably sharing those stories won't do much harm😬🤭

So, here goes nothing!

I remember, there are times when I was quite young, but my desire for helping animals was way beyond. There was this one time when I was playing with my friends, roaming around. When I found a little cat, lying on an odd patch, under the scorching heat. I noticed she had some problems with one of her legs. I was concerned, and looking into her innocent eyes, I couldn't even imagine, what all she must have been through. I mean seeing her so helpless, unable to move, and trying to hide, just so no one could hurt her, can you imagine the kind of fear that must be bothering her?

I couldn’t resist petting her, cautiously of course, so that even she could get reassured and I could find out a way to help her. I picked her up carefully and without a second thought took her home. Trust me, taking care of her was the best part; and you know what struck me the most? Each day when I got back home from school, she used to give me an adorable welcome. A welcome to someone, she barely even knew. She was so happy, and that spark of hope, to get better was finally seen in her eyes. We couldn't keep her, but, we arranged a home for her and believe me, now when you see her, the little girl’s all fluffed up, living at her new house joyfully.

Such satisfaction, such emotions, that feeling you get, when someone is alive due to a spoonful of help, is truly priceless. It teaches us a lesson, of never restricting ourselves from putting in efforts, even if they aren’t much. Because:

Even the sea is formed, drop by drop, & No whole gets completed without its halves.

As whatever it is, that we put our efforts in, gives us a gift (could be a lesson, a person, or anything), that stays with us for life. Even if, some efforts don't give us the result we hope for, they still teach us a lot!

Let me tell you, such an incident too.

This one’s not much older, but rather a recent incident right before quarantine. I was out, as usual, walking my dog. But that day was different. I saw a little puppy, by the side of the road, lying there, motionless. For a moment I thought she was dead, but I had to check it out. Fortunately, she was breathing, but her situation was devastating. She was even left on the prone side of the road carelessly and bringing her to a safe zone was necessary, at least until help arrived. I called around some friends, even the watchman, to ask for their assistance. But no one was available. Luckily, after a few minutes, a friend managed coming. I immediately handed over my dog to him and ran to help the little pup. She was in a terrible state; maggots had been building holes in her, her legs were very weak, one of them was even broken, she had stitches on her head. She was crying in pain! Damnn, can you believe, she was just left there to rot on her own!

Somehow, I managed to get her to my home. Thanks to that friend, we were able to clean her up a bit and make her drink some milk until my mom was home. Later we rushed to the vet, as the dog’s condition was severe. Luckily, we managed, getting her a bit stable, and then delivered her to an NGO after a few days. They gave their best too, to save our warrior girl. But unfortunately, even if she was a fighter, she didn’t make it. As her injuries were way too serious. It broke our hearts…but we knew, she’d finally rest in peace now, after everything, she must've had been through.

I know, we couldn’t save her, but I can never forget her spirit to survive. Her eyes showed how difficult it was for her, yet, in my hands, she got the hope, to strengthen her will. She was truly a rebel. I know the end wasn’t what I was looking forward to. But this just taught me, that

“whenever we showcase our kindness in little tasks like these, no matter what the outcome becomes, we’ll always stay at peace.”

This all is only possible because, giving someone hope via even a teaspoon of kindness, grants them positivity, in a world full of darkness. Even if we feel, we failed at putting our efforts, just remember that no efforts go in vain; they make miracles happen, as the magic within them has the power to change lives.

Also, our warrior girl gave this lesson to me for life, that:

“When she didn’t give up, even after losing everything. Then, who are we to even have the audacity to think we can give up, when we already have so much?”

We have the people who cherish us, and those who’d always stay with us when needed. We have ourselves, to make us better people, as we grow and learn how to live this life. But, even after having all of this, if we don’t realize it and simply want more, then we’re just greedy.

Hence to end, I’d like to say,

“Let’s be Grateful from now on, for everything. As life is pretty unexpected, but our living it to the fullest, is exactly what is expected.”

Thank-You Guys!

Hope this was something that left a message even in your hearts!

Stay Tuned!

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