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Let's Learn How To Write Better!

Hey Guys!

Today's blog is more about giving you some tips for showcasing sensitive topics that make your write-ups unique and right on point!

So, you can pen down your philosophies and thoughts over topics with great ease, along with an intensity and exploration of different perspectives, which when comes together, gives your piece a perfect blend of emotions.

Here we begin!

  • If the topic's trendy - identify the emotions felt!

Let's take lgbtq+ for instance, below is an example for the same. It describes how they must've felt, or maybe still feel due to the lack of acceptance in this world.

Sustained Sanity

Unsculptured reasoning,

Questioned my entity. I feared not the sugar-coated seasoning, But instead, the susceptible identity. It broke my heart, For I did nothing, yet was marked to embark, Being a disgrace, in a world that was so fickle, Only to make me hopelessly brittle. How ecstatic it must have been, For the world to accept something, that it couldn't feel. As only those who understood and were keen, Felt this known abstract, that wasn't explainable yet seen. Funny, how easily was I considered an anomaly, When all the voices around me, shouted callously, It was hard to neglect such a dogmatic aura, But believing in myself was the only elnora. This made me realize, That there was nothing, in which I was deprived,

For I was only different, and accepting myself would be the key, For which, others didn't need to accept me. I left them all behind, & gathering all my strength I shined, For only due to these oppressions, did I sustain my sanity, Or else the world's malevolence would've gifted me insanity.

You see? The writer here made a toast for the people to come together and embrace each other’s originality by accepting their own reality!

She could've simply made the piece informative, but, she rather focused on the emotions that the LGBT people feel and hence showcased them to give her piece a better value and also connect with the readers better.

  • Feel freely! Put yourself in another's shoes, to express and understand better!

In other words, empathize. People read and relate, when they feel they're understood. So make sure you pen down stuff that's relatable and likely to be appreciated.

"Embrace the emotion you feel, For love doesn't flutter, Unless your courage to accept things mutter."

  • Be open to new learnings - so you don't hesitate in bringing out the truth and tragedy behind things.

If you hold yourself from writing difficult things, then you're not improving. Make sure you make yourself open enough to express what's needed to be heard!

Shut the cause, not your self, To live in this world is one crazy chance. Live it through, dive lost loops, As there's nothing to lose, only roles and cues.

  • Stay Imaginative! - to influence your uniqueness, out of the box.

If only you are creative, can you make others enjoy your breathtaking creations! You can't portray your uniqueness without skilling up your imagination for new ideas.

  • Keep Dreaming! - to believe in impossibles, and take your readers through a story with you.

Storytelling is one of the most wondrous ways to make readers willing to embark on a journey with your soul. If you don't dream and believe in what impact you should hold, you ain't taking a step forward.

  • Facts VS Fancy - Don't let one of them win, balance them for better results!

People love reasoning and contradicting. Let them take interest in you due to your healthy balance of knowledge in reality and fantasy.

  • Research!! - for what you write must be true and open to interpretations.

Write the truth, which keeps your readers motivated to gain more knowledge through you.

  • Lastly, Believe & Personalize wherever necessary!

Personal stories connect more than anything else, for instead of judgment they bring acceptance. If you believe in yourself and what you write, your readers too! Keep it as real as possible with your audience, as they're the ones who're going to support you.

Afterall, the very tendency to see beauty in everything around, comes from the magic in one's heart.

Well, here were some tips for y'all.

Hope it helps and you get a knack to find your own unique style!


See you tuned in for more such stuff!!

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