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Let's Learn More About MORSE CODE!

Hello Exuberant Readers!

One Pound Publishers bring Saturday Special - 'Morse Code'!!

This Interesting and unique system, get's a very large crowd hyped, just because of the mysterious and fantasy-filled vibes it gives.

So without any further ado, let's get started!

What is a Morse Code?

It is a code made by repeating two elements (a dot and a dash) in a relevant way so as to form a message from the same. The dot and dashes are respectively Each Morse code symbol is formed by a sequence of dots and dashes, which represent different English Alphabets or Numbers.

Let me show you an example for your reference:

So, if you want to write SOS using this, it'll be written as ...---...

Or a Hi could be written as ......

Who Created It? Why was it Created? How is it Used Now?

It was invented by Samuel Morse. It was initially made for telegraphy but later was used for a variety of purposes like telecommunication in maritime and aviation, radios, navigation aids or signaling .etc. But, the original code went through a lot of changes to be finally recognized as the International Morse Code. This modern code was developed by Friedrich Gerke and standardized by the International Telegraphy Congress.

Even now it's used in Telecommunication to encode texts. But now, it is also used by anyone who wants to explore a different kind of language or feels using this code makes it easier to communicate than speaking or writing. It also helps and is preferred by a variety of people with disabilities.

Even Google has a morse-code option available for keyboards in various electronic devices. One of its developers Tania Finlayson, partnered with Google for the same.

You can check their story Here.

More About Morse Code

👉 It is transmitted in a series of electric pulses.

👉 They are slow yet reliable means of transmitting and receiving wireless text messages.

👉 Its speed is measured in words per minute (wpm) or characters per minute (cpm).

👉 It can also be sent by keying a radio on and off; flashing a mirror; or toggling a flashlight.

👉 Some phones even had an emergency alert system, which in times of emergencies would send a morse code text to its user.

👉 It can be converted into a variety of things too according to one's convenience, like- cable code, transmission code, timing, audio.etc.

👉 Morse Code Mnemonics are also available, to ease learning it just like how we're taught English alphabets at school.

Well, that's all about it, for today!

If you wish to learn Morse Code, you can try this app - MorseMania

Go dive deep into the mysterious accounts you've always longed to decipher


Create your own secret language codes using the same to bring out some excitement from the tiniest of things.

Until then stay tuned!😉

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