• Anannya Rene Dass

Scintillating Saturday presents Reminiscence

Heyy all!!

Today let's celebrate a Scintillating Saturday by reminiscing those adventures, whose essence is unforgettable and experience is enchanting.

We bring this to you via a poem, which shall take you for a dive in the enthralling beauty of nature and make you acquainted with the feeling of making exciting new friends over journeys that are full of wanderlust!

Also, this is to all the writers - don't miss the end, there's something you'd love to try!


In the darkest beauties,

Within splendor minds,

Lies pleasant space,

With plenty of time.

Gust’s greeting,

Enlightened us.

Frosty valleys,

Brought joy and content.

Tranquilizing places,

Gaiety we all feel,

Solo or in pairs we came in,

Went back with a dozen cronies.

Unforeseen yet alluring escapade,

Pristine variances, Oh so marvy!

Gratification is all for my coda,

Because all I am left now is '*adfrisick*'

~Anannya Rene Dass

Here, take a look guys, this is a little key to help you with the meanings of some words:

Gusts - sudden strong bursts of wind. Tranquilizing - calm, peaceful. Gaiety - the state or quality of being light-hearted or cheerful. Cronies - friends. Escapade - an incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure.

Pristine - in its original condition; clean and fresh.

Variances - the quality of a place to be different. Coda - the concluding passage of a piece. Adfrisick - a word symbolizing a mixture of adventure, exploration, and friends (adfri) and (sick) for using it as a word similar to homesick.

Did you all like it? Well if you do, stay tuned for more of such content😁

Coming to the point,

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and remember,

There's no harm in exceeding our limits and getting out of our comfort zones, to try something new; especially when there are no consequences!😉

So, What are you waiting for?

Give it a go now!!


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