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Things you should consider before Publishing a Book

Hola Writers!

This blog is all for you.

Though, tell me, have you ever wondered, "if you would ever decide to become an Author, how will you want to publish your book?"

Or that, "What might be the things you'd have to look after then, to successfully publish and publicize it?"

I'm sure there must be at least once when you might have thought about this, or probably just dreamed about this in some unique-imaginative way?

Because doesn't it feel good to dream about things that have no limits and simply cherish the good that is found in the impossible?

Ahh, I could go on and on, but, coming back to reality.

All of this can be done even now, just in a more realistic manner.

So, here are some things, that you should know and consider before going on to publish your book!😊👇

  • How is your story? Is it simple enough to understand? Remarkable enough to be read? And good enough to be criticized?

Remember, not everyone is going to like your story or style. Critiques are always gonna critique no matter how good you write. All you have to do is 'Learn'. So, introspect, read your story like another person, criticize yourself, improve the silliest of mistakes and then finalize a good draft for editing.

  • Do you have all your feedbacks?

Ask the people around you, your teachers, your friends, even strangers (strangers hold a very important role, as they don't know you and so will answer straightforwardly.) Though keep in mind, approach only good readers to read and give you suggestions, or else the feedbacks will just be a waste of time.

  • Is your story finished properly? Or do you still feel the end is absurd?

Check the ending, make it clear, unless you already have another book drafted to publish its volume2. But whether or not you publish more books, keep improvising and improving your story, and give it a crisp and understandable end, so people don't get confused.

  • Do you have a clear purpose and emotion connected to the reason, "Why you started to write this book?"

You're always going to be asked about the reason you wrote your book. Make sure you do have a reason, which is true and not made up. Because without a purpose not only will your story lack connection but would also feel incomplete.

  • Is it a good blend of depth, vagueness, uniqueness, and most importantly understanding? Will it give a first impression worth remembering?

Make sure it's not too much of anything. All your components should be balanced to grant you a good result and the required first impression. As only this impression, will determine your supporters and opportunities in the future.

  • Is it confusing? or is the concept too difficult to make simple?

If you or the people you approached feel that your plot is confusing, make sure you understand and analyze it asap. Research and clarify your doubts, get a clear concept, or create a new one, just so you can express and give your readers a clear understanding.

  • How is the quality and originality of your story?

Make sure it's original, in fact after you are ready to publish it and when it goes to a professional editor and proof-reader, make sure it still looks like your work. Also, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!

  • How do you plan to do its publicity?

This is one of the most vital parts, you'd have to put in loads of effort and patience into. But, stay optimistic, no bestseller is made popular or recognized overnight! You must be calm and hope for the best, don't lose hope.

Well, hope this gives you a clear image of what you need before moving forward to approach some publishing house, which helps you with further formalities.

Don't lose hope, you're a star!

Life's all about ups and downs, and each time will teach an incredible lesson, which we can't miss! It's all worth it!!

Happy Rising!

and Good Luck dear Writer!!

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