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This Tuesday Let's Get Aware!

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Welcome back to yet another Tantalizing Tuesday 😁

Today we're going to learn more about a topic that is very close to most of our hearts. A responsibility that comes to us every time we choose to get a new pet. A feeling that showers us with soo much warmth and love.

Today our topic is all based on Animals 💖

So, let's get this started!


As far as we’re all concerned, I’m pretty sure Animal Welfare is such a sensitive topic, in the eyes of all compassionate people. But so many of these innocent lives are nonetheless at stake due to the later prioritization of such concerns in a world full of materialistic glory. If you think I’m blaming the people for this, I’m afraid you’re all wrong. But what I am really blaming, is the monotonous concern inside everyone, which they allow to subside until something drastic happens, that brings so much devastation.

Martin Luther King quoted:

“Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.

Doesn't this hit right? Don't you all agree? Or are you too afraid to accept it?

Well, whatever is it that you felt right now, is only going to elevate as we now move further to the topic of Animal Welfare.

What is Animal Welfare?

Animal Welfare in the simplest form means, taking care of animals under our range, humanely and responsibly. It’s a duty that comes with having an animal in our life. Moreover, it’s a relationship between humans and animals.

There are Five parts of Animal Welfare:

  • Freedom of Comfort - includes animals having a healthy home.

  • Freedom to express normal behavior - includes them having fun and doing what they desire without any unnecessary restrictions.

  • Freedom from fear - includes not letting them go through things that may impact them thoroughly.

  • Freedom from great pain - includes support and treatment for them as and when required so they don’t suffer.

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst - includes good nourishment for their health.

Makes sense? Well, the above points just mean that an animal has amazing welfare if, it has a good home (natural or man-made), with good health and food available, with his family and friends all around.

Let's Come To Reality😢

Charles Darwin quoted:

“There's no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.

Isn’t this true? There are so many helpless souls, ruthlessly harmed for absolutely nothing they did, but rather everything they offer. Human malice, over the years, has gotten no better, it continues to foster our greed and addiction for money. From poachers killing animals for precious ivory, tusks, horns, etc. to people buying it for fame and honor of being rich; our world has truly proved how heartless, incongruous, and unworthy it's people have become. But fortunately, there’s still hope. A hope to lessen the sufferings of the voiceless; and this hope is still present only due to some compassionate people that are down to help in any way and take actions whenever they can for these animals. Don't you think these people should inspire us too? For if they can do it, there’s absolutely no doubt, that so can many of us too! Be it by indulging in fostering hope during such crisis, or by saving any animal that is exposed to abuse, or by raising a voice for the voiceless!

Wanna know how? Let's get you filled with some issues that revolve around animal welfare.

Issues Surrounding Animal Welfare:

To name a few, the most common ones are Animal testing, Abandoned pets, Behavioural enrichment, Bloodsport, Cruelty to animals, Feral cat, Hunting, Overpopulation in companion animals, Poaching, Puppy mills, Whaling, etc.

Let's understand one or two in brief.

  • Animal Testing

One of the cruelest ways, used in today’s market for testing new products made for humans is animal testing. Not only is this torturous habit accepted sane, but also the people who are in its favor, don’t bother flinching an eye for the murderous deeds they’ve done. I really wonder at times, do these people really not sense fear in the eyes of these poor souls, or do they simply consider them dead even before they tormented their lives out?

Well…luckily all people aren’t so ruthless, and many do actually have a conscience to empathize with these helpless beings; and that compassion is exactly what has made it necessary for organizations like PETA, AAT, etc. to come up and work against all this ill-treatment.

  • Wildlife Conservation (A Cure)

For all the recovering this world needs, from the damage that we humans have caused, wildlife needs saving. This is precisely what’s done in wildlife conservation. Wildlife sanctuaries, National parks, and tons of other societies all over the world are formed mainly for the motto of saving those species which are endangered and try recovering many other innocent lives that are on the verge of extinction, all because of humans.

Why Animal Welfare?

As many people still don’t understand the need for Animal Welfare in today’s world. They have not a single idea about how much suffering these poor souls go through due to our selfish needs. Animals play an important role in our environment, and it’s our duty to not cause this Earth any more damage than we already have. More than 60% of species have already been lost due to our carelessness. But all we can do now is to cherish all animals and let them live well, for they too are living beings and deserve living a beautiful life with their loved ones.

What say, people? Did you like getting some insights over this?

Well if you did, stay tuned!

Our only purpose to take this topic today was to get back all your compassionate sides alive and gain some knowledge about what goes on in this world.

See you next time😉

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