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Tuesday's Tantalizing Menu presents ISBN

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the fun hub of knowledge that this Tuesday brings to you❤😄 Today we're going to learn about ISBN.

Just as we humans need a national identification number so that the government can keep track of its citizens and their identification is made easier. Books too have ISBN - which is the International Standard Book Number for a similar purpose.

Remember seeing different barcodes at the back of books?

Well, right over those barcodes, we find a 13 or 10-digit number, and that number is called an ISBN. It is a unique number for every book. Below, the figure tells us what does it consist of.

ISBN and its Parts:

It was created by David Whitaker who is also known as the 'Father of ISBN'. Its structure is made up of:

❇ The first three digits being a part of the prefix element (EAN).

❇ The next part tells us about the Group (country, individual territory, or any language sharing group.)

❇ Then comes the Registrant, which is the number of the person who registered the ISBN.

❇ And after that comes the Publication number, which identifies the title or edition of the book.

❇ Lastly, comes the Check Digit, which is used for error reduction in such identification numbers.

But, the above format was only introduced into books registered after 2007. Earlier the ISBN consisted of 10 digits, which consisted of the Group, Registrant, Publication, and Check Digit.

Some Benefits of ISBN:

👉 It is a monographic publication identifier.

👉 Saves time, staff costs, and reduces errors.

👉 Ensures the customers to get whatever they require, due to it's unique numbering.

👉 Is machine-readable and so is fast without any errors.

👉 It provides a worldwide platform for books, which is very well-known.

👉 As it manages almost all aspects related to sales, orders, distributions.etc. of books, the work is done very efficiently.

What does an ISBN not indicate?

It doesn't give any copyright protection.

It doesn't give any legal protection.

What products are eligible for ISBN?

✴ Digital Publications (eg: e-book, CD-ROM, e-book app, or any publication available over the Internet.)

✴ Software products intended for educational or instructional purposes.

✴ Print Publications.

✴ Small and Self Publishers.

How are ISBNs issued?

ISBN issuing is country-specific and there are agencies all over the world that take care of this aspect. Example - In India these are issued by Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN.

To calm your curiosity over this, feel free to visit The International ISBN Agency.

Well, that's it for today guys!

Thank-You for hanging on to learn something new 😁

See you all next time with more amazing content!👋

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