• Anannya Rene Dass

Welcome to the One Pound Wonderland!

Are You a budding Writer?

With a deep desire to convey some message to the World?

With the majestic power of words in your hand, through which you pour your heart out?

Well then, you're at the right place!

For we are very intrigued, just by imagining how amazing the portrayal of things beyond description, is done amongst you writers.

You could be a shy introvert, a lively extrovert, or of course the cool ambivert. But, believe it or not, what joins you all together, is your hidden passion for scribbling your beliefs; And those enticing works (write-ups) can be literally found anywhere. They could be found in your personal diaries, on the last pages of notebooks, or probably in your mobile notes; & each art piece wonders, when could they finally be read by the people around and be appreciated. Isn't it?

Well, that's what we're here for 😊


We are an Indian registered MSME, Publishing agency that helps people publish their work for as low as i.e. 99.

Yes, that's no joke! You read it right 😉


We encourage people and give them an opportunity to publish their work in our anthologies, which not only gives them a start to get motivated but also enhances their judgment in improving their unique writing style.


We at One Pound, cross out all possible problems that you might be going through in the struggle to publish your Writings.

Wanna see what all might be in here for you?

👉 Your Hidden Talents finally get a chance to come alive in a book

👉 Pricing isn't a concern anymore

👉 You have 2 pages dedicated to you and your work in our book

👉 You become a proud Co-Author

👉 You receive an E-Certificate for your diligence

👉 The book will be available in paperback, on Amazon, Flipkart, & even as an e-book

👉 You realize your Work's Worth

👉 You gain a new Experience

👉 You witness exuberating happiness, lingering all around you


Unleash the potential you hold within you, and give us a chance to make you feel exemplary.

Stand out from all the people around you, just by taking this one step!

Get your work published and showcase it on your achievement table.

For remember,

"You can either be Alice and stay in Wonderland in your dreams, or Be You and grab the Opportunities that make your World a Wonderland for you!"


& BECOME A PART OF OUR ANTHOLOGY👇 (click on the picture)

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