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What does being a Writer mean?

What do you think being a writer means? How can one become a writer? Is a writer someone who has successfully become an author? How does it feel to become a writer?

Well...Let's together understand the meaning behind 'a writer'

A Writer...

Who's a writer?

A writer is a creator. He is the origin of an expression that is uniquely weaved with his muses from all around the world. He is the voice of his soul, which speaks his heart out only to learn more about everything.

Too philosophical? Well... can't help it, for this is how writers are meant to be defined.

But anyway, in plain words, a writer is someone who writes something.

How can one become a Writer?

By being a unique character who expresses brilliance in his ideas and can pen it down justly.


By simply being an enthusiastic learner. Learning to pour your heart out in words and jotting it down.

Yes, believe it or not, these are the only 3steps that can start your journey of becoming a writer.

How to improve the art of being a writer?

✴ Reading (loads of) ✴ Try Journaling ✴ Watching a variety of movies.

✴ Try Blogging ✴ Get Inspired

✴ Practice a variety of styles to understand yours

What does being a Writer mean? Being a writer means being 'you'. To be a writer means to express yourself and enhance the magic your words can do. Being a writer means serving the world with the good your words can do.

Is a writer an author?

No, An author can be a writer, but a writer is so much more. You don't have to become an author to be considered as a writer.


Because, if you know how to write things that give you solitude; things that give you a new meaning to life; things that make your life better; or things that are potent to make a difference and do some good. If you know to write even one such thing, you already are an amazing writer.

If you write short quotes, verses, or anything that pleases you and keeps you at ease, you're a writer at heart!

How does it feel to be a writer?

It feels blessed, it feels magical, it feels peaceful, it feels refreshing.

Ever wondered why?

It's simply because it grants you a sense of freedom that liberates your soul and keeps you open to accept things and introspect.

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